About Le Potica


Potica is an important part of Slovenian gastronomic heritage and serves as a means of achieving culinary visibility around the globe. In the minds of Slovenians, the potica is a typical traditional holiday pastry connected with wealth and prosperity, while foreigners like it because of its magnificent appearance and abundance of different varieties.

Le Potica is the first specialized brand, which offers potica, adapted to modern needs in the gastronomy, catering industry and tourism. The new approach to preparation and offer of potica follows the popularization and modernization trends of traditional cuisine, while maintaining authentic quality, and it continues to contribute to increased visibility of Slovenian cuisine.

The miniature poticas are so adorable we named them lePotičke (the Little Beauties). The traditional potica can be impractical for serving since the pieces often fall apart when sliced and dry out rather quickly. The lePotičke are great because you can simply pick them up and eat them in a few bites – without slicing or pieces that are falling apart.

Due to their size, LePotičke can be offered in different ways and that is what makes them attractive. They are ideal as a gift, at a party, as a part of café offer or to be sold on the street.

LePotičke are made according to tested recipes for the traditional Slovenian potica, their size and preparation are adjusted to modern needs.

Only natural ingredients are used to make lePotičke and no artificial aromas, coloring agents or additives are added to prolong freshness.

Every lePotička is unique, since each one is rolled out by hand, filled, rolled back and placed into the baking tray.

LePotičke are famous for their golden crust and soft dough with abundant filling.

LePotičke can be baked to finish in 10 – 15 minutes because of the special way of making them and can be served completely fresh and still warm. LePotičke are served in portion size, therefore you don’t need to slice them. This preserves the typical shape of the round party and offers the perfect Slovenian traditional desert experience.